About Us

Cutting-edge artisanal in-ear monitors for discerning listeners. Proudly designed and manufactured in Singapore.   

The Subtonic Story 

It all first sprouted as an idea to disrupt the IEM market. Feeling frustrated about the portable audio landscape, four of us came together to create the best possible IEMs sparing no expense. The IEM landscape offered little innovation and unexceptional sound - and we wanted to change that. Our goal is to turn the whole industry upside down on its face, redefining how portable audio can sound like at its very best.

The only possible way to do that is to design IEMs unconventionally, bringing forth new technologies and accepting zero compromises in the sound. Listeners like you deserve to experience music in an unadulterated way, bringing forth feelings of euphoria, excitement, surrealism and soul. That is what we believe in.

Working with local artisans, using only the highest quality components; we create what amounts to more than just IEMs. The demanding needs of creative minds - studio engineers, musicians and audiophiles alike - can only be met with deliberate, well-thought-of acoustical design.