Our Partners

We are proud to be collaborating hand-in-hand with Singaporean IEM manufacturer, Symphonium Audio. More importantly they are our close, trusted friends. Subtonic IEMs are only made possible with the unnerving attention to detail and quality that Symphonium Audio painstakingly handcrafts. A complete labour of love.

With manufacturing and R&D done in the heartlands of Singapore, we are able to communicate and share our technologies to produce incredible, high quality IEMs.

Find out more about Symphonium Audio here.

Made Proudly In Singapore.



We are proud to have our earphone cables crafted by Nightjar Acoustics. A pair of high quality IEM is only deserving of an equally high quality cable. There should be no compromise in its durability or cost. Nightjar Acoustic oversees every single detail in their cables, from the wires down to the solder used. 

Find out more about Nightjar Acoustics here.

Made Proudly In Singapore.



We believe that our carrying pouches should be as much of an experience as our earphones. They should last. They should pick up wear and patina based on your lifestyle and usage. We needed functional and durable pouches filled with character.

We are proud to be collaborating closely with TODAH, a Singaporean leather craftsman. We sought to elevate our earphone carrying pouch and knew we had to work together. TODAH crafts our Embody accessories with handmade & hand-stitched leather pouches and our Essence accessories with canvas pouches.

Find out more about TODAH here.

Made Proudly In Singapore.