Splitwave Layered Armature Management

SLAM is our proprietary method of decoupling dual driver units, unleashing the true potential of the drivers. This revolutionary method results in unprecedented levels of dynamics in IEMs. You won’t just hear - you will FEEL the music!

Coherent Tonal Relay Lattice Crossover

Our CTRL crossover is the most complex crossover network you can find. Every driver plays a unique frequency response that it is optimised for, squeezing out every bit of performance from the drivers to produce the purest of sounds. All this is enabled with top grade inductors, capacitors and resistors that virtually removes any distortion in its signal path.

Filtered Linear Attenuation Tuning

FLAT technology eliminates impedance mismatch, ensuring that you listen to the same unimpeded sound regardless of the device you are using.

Extremely Extended ExtremitieS

EEE is our assurance that linear extension to the lowest and highest audible frequencies is achieved, resulting in a full-ranged musical experience often only heard in the highest end loudspeakers. Experience bottomless bass and seemingly limitless treble extension with EEE.