Filtered Linear Attenuation Tuning

Consistency With Every Source

Our FLAT technology keeps the impedance of our earphones flat so that the frequency response of our IEMs remain consistent when plugged into any device; be it a mixing board, wireless receiver or a phone. It also allows us to design our IEMs with flat phase, ensuring even power distribution to the drivers in our earphones and improving audio separation.

Consistent, high quality audio is the Subtonic promise.

Subtonic Splitwave Technology

Precision Redefined

Balanced Armature drivers often come as dual woofers or tweeters packed together as a single unit. The typical application with such dual drivers is to apply a single crossover filter to alter its frequency response. However, we have discovered that splitting up the drivers with different crossover filters for each individual driver allows us to more precisely control its frequency response playback, fully realising the potential of dual armature units while maintaining phase coherence.

Innovation begets precision. At Subtonic, we sow, you reap.

Subtonic Crossover Technology

Only The Best

A common misconception is that the greater the number of drivers, the better sound quality. However, a careless and poorly designed crossover circuit with stacked drivers is like driving a car with its parking brakes on. It limits the full potential of the drivers when the drivers each play the exact same range.

We prefer using selectively picked drivers, each playing a specific frequency range that they excel in, stacking only when absolutely necessary. We apply complex crossovers to the drivers to squeeze out every ounce of performance, allowing them to play in perfect harmony. With properly designed crossover points, the drivers are fully optimised to play in a small frequency response range, reducing distortion yet resulting in a highly coherent sound. In addition, a complex crossover allows us to tune our earphones with incredible precision, ensuring no problematic peaks and dips in the frequency response that would otherwise cause a earphone to sound unnatural.

To achieve our tuning objectives, a complex network of capacitors, resistors, internal wiring and solder are utilised and they must not be compromised in terms of cost or quality. We insist on the use of the highest quality components, regardless of cost, to ensure sound quality remains unimpeded and the signal uncoloured and undegraded, bringing out the best of our drivers. We pay attention to the finest of details, even if it means component costs that are an order of magnitude higher than the industry standard. Rest assured that none of the components we use will serve as a bottleneck in your audio chain.

Subtonic guarantees the use of the best to make the best, in the best possible fashion.

Extremely Extended Extremities

Boundless Spectrum Extension

In order to have sound quality that stands out from the rest of the competition, we had to rethink conventional earphone design. One of the biggest issues plaguing modern IEMs are often poor sub-bass and treble extension in the human auditory range. Frequency roll-off of both ends of the spectrum results in a loss of fidelity in the reproduction of the audio signal. While the loss of the extreme frequencies may seem insignificant, it is the lowest octaves of bass that provide tactility, dynamism and physicality, and the highest octaves of treble that hold the spatial cues, fine detail and texturing that are critical to realistic music reproduction. At Subtonic, it is our belief that it is these very elements that comprise the X-factor that transforms music from an experience that is merely heard to one that is thoroughly felt.

However, the miniature drivers used in IEMs tend to have strong resonant peaks and dips that are incredibly problematic and serve as a major hinderance to creating proper frequency extension if a solution is not found. This is the reason why almost all earphones currently in the market suffer from roll-off on one or both ends of the spectrum, or highly non-linear extension, resulting in an artificial sonic presentation. To mitigate this, we have developed proprietary in-house acoustical and electrical tuning solutions to allow our in-ear drivers to reproduce frequencies with incredible detail and high clarity without obtrusive peaks and dips. Our redesigned supertweeters play air (8kHz-24kHz) frequencies effortlessly with proprietary waveguides. Subwoofers with never-before-seen electrical parameters provide for an incredibly well defined, dynamic and extended bass response with a sense of physicality that results in bass that is not just heard, but also felt. Collectively, this results in a full-ranged musical experience often only heard in the highest end loudspeakers. Experience bottomless bass, and seemingly limitless treble extension with EEE.

At Subtonic, we break all barriers to ensure performance is as boundless as ambition.